Meet the great minds behind Xauth

Our business is a business built on knowledge and unique ideas and as you may assume our team is our primary and most valuable asset. When we choose our employees we never compromise with qualities such as professionalism, experience and reliability.

Muhammad Aqeel

CEO Founder

Ali Haider

Frontend Developer

Hammad Shoaib Khan

Backend Developer

There is something that always has been very unique and different about us. These days Cyber Security has evolved to be a whole big industry itself. Authbytes is new Technology which prevent unauthorized access and threats to your online webapplications. we're powered by the best cyber security guys in the industry worldwide. we're letting everyone feel safe about their online business. we're helping them to focus on their own business and leave their security to us because we do it in the best possible way. incase you want to have us on your board, feel free to contact us at any time.


AUTHBYTES Made with in Pakistan